Anorganische Molekülchemie


Chemical masked dianion [B12F12]2- enabled cell labeling
Jonas Warneke, Vladimir A. Azov, Johannes Bernarding, Carsten Jenne, Markus Plaumann
Magn. Reson. Mater. Phys., Biol. Med. 2015, 28, S35-S36

Alkoxy substituted halogenated closo-dodecaborates as anions for ionic liquids
Carsten Jenne, Christoph Kirsch
Dalton Trans. 2015, 44, 13119-13124

Halogenated dodecaborate clusters as agents to trigger release of liposomal contents
Doaa Awad, Melinda Bartok, Farzin Mostaghimi, Imke Schrader, Neeti Sudumbrekar, Tanja Schaffran, Carsten Jenne, Jonny Eriksson, Mathias Winterhalter, Jürgen Fritz, Katarina Edwards, Detlef Gabel
ChemPlusChem 2015, 80, 656-664

Protic Anions [H(B12X12)]- (X = F-I) That Act as Brønsted Acids in the Gas Phase
Carsten Jenne, Mathias Keßler, Jonas Warneke
Chem. Eur. J. 2015, 21, 5887-5891

Silver-Free Activation of Ligated Gold(I) Chlorides: The Use of [Me3NB12Cl11] as a Weakly Coordinating Anion in Homogeneous Gold Catalysis
Michael Wegener, Florian Huber, Christoph Bolli, Carsten Jenne, Stefan F. Kirsch
Chem. Eur. J. 2015, 21, 1328-1336


Synthesis and Properties of the Weakly Coordinating Anion [Me3NB12Cl11]-
Christoph Bolli, Janis Derendorf, Carsten Jenne, Harald Scherer, Christian P. Sindlinger, Bianca Wegener
Chem. Eur. J. 2014, 20, 13783-13792

On the Oxidation of the 3-Dimensional Aromatics [B12X12]2- (X = F, Cl, Br, I)
René T. Boeré, Janis Derendorf, Carsten Jenne, Sylwia Kacprzak, Mathias Keßler, Rainer Riebau, Sebastian Riedel, Tracey L. Roemmele, Monika Rühle, Harald Scherer, Thomas Vent-Schmidt, Jonas Warneke, Stefan Weber
Chem. Eur. J. 2014, 20, 4447-4459

Bis(triphenyl-λ5-phosphanylidene)ammonium fluoride: A reactive fluoride source to access the hypervalent silicates [MenSiF5-n]- (n = 0-3)
Christoph Bolli, Jorit Gellhaar, Carsten Jenne, Mathias Keßler, Harald Scherer, Helene Seeger, Rabiya Uzun
Dalton Trans. 2014, 43, 4326-4334


A second polymorph of bis(triphenyl-λ5-phosphanylidene)ammonium chloride-boric acid adduct
Bruno A. Correia Bicho, Christoph Bolli, Carsten Jenne, Helene Seeger
Acta Crystallogr., Sect. E: Struct. Rep. Online 2013, E69, o1435-o1436

Weakly Coordinating Anions: Halogenated Borates and Dodecaborates
Carsten Knapp
Comprehensive Inorganic Chemistry II 2013, 1, 651-679

On the gas-phase dimerization of negatively charged closo-dodecaborates: a theoretical study
Lei Liu Zeonjuk, Nina Vankova, Carsten Knapp, Detlef Gabel, Thomas Heine
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2013, 15, 10358-10366

Direct Fluorination of Cyclic Carbonates and closo-K2[B12H12] in a Slug-Flow Mini-Structured Reactor
Mathias Hill, Patrick Baron, Keith Cobry, Sascha K. Goll, Philipp Lang, Carsten Knapp, Harald Scherer, Peter Woias, Pengcheng Zhang, Ingo Krossing
ChemPlusChem 2013, 78, 292-301

Quantum chemical and electrochemical investigation of the electrochemical window of halogenated carborate anions
René T. Boeré, Christoph Bolli, Maik Finze, Alexander Himmelspach, Carsten Knapp, Tracey L. Roemmele
Chem. Eur. J. 2013, 19, 1784-1795


[NO][HCB11Cl11] – Synthesis, Characterization, Crystal Structure, and Reaction with P4
Christoph Bolli, Tobias Köchner, Carsten Knapp
Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 2012, 638, 559-564


In-between Complex and Cluster: A 14-Vertex Cage in [Ag2Se12]2+
Tobias Köchner, Nils Trapp, Tobias A. Engesser, Anna J. Lehner, Caroline Röhr, Sebastian Riedel, Carsten Knapp, Harald Scherer, Ingo Krossing
Angew. Chem. 2011, 123, 11449–11452; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 11253–11256

Bis(triphenyl-λ5-phosphanylidene)ammonium hydrogen dichloride
Jorit Gellhaar, Carsten Knapp
Acta Crystallogr., Sect. E: Struct. Rep. Online 2011, E67, o2546

Cationic Dialkyl Metal Compounds of Group 13 Elements (E = Al, Ga, In) Stabilized by the Weakly Coordinating Dianion [B12Cl12]2–
Mathias Kessler, Carsten Knapp, Ardiana Zogaj
Organometallics 2011, 30, 3786–3792

Collision-induced gas-phase reactions of perhalogenated closo-dodecaborate clusters - a comparative study
Jonas Warneke, Thomas Dülcks, Carsten Knapp, Detlef Gabel
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2011, 13, 5712-5721

Oxidation of closo-[B12Cl12]2- to the radical anion [B12Cl12]∙- and to neutral B12Cl12
René T. Boeré, Sylwia Kacprzak, Mathias Keßler, Carsten Knapp, Rainer Riebau, Sebastian Riedel, Tracey L. Roemmele, Monika Rühle, Harald Scherer, Stefan Weber
Angew. Chem. 2011, 123, 572-575; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 549-552

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